Media Guests

Welcome Back Jerry “The King” Lawler

Hometown wrestling hero Jerry Lawler may best be known for his work in the ring, however, at the MCFC, we will be celebrating his work at the drawing table. From comic book drawings, to formal paintings in oil and watercolors, the range of this incredibly gifted artist is truly remarkable. At the MCFC Jerry will […]


Tugg the Bull Terrier

The sun was setting on a typically hot and muggy July evening, just a couple of days after July 4th, in Fort Worth, Texas when the call came in to police dispatch — a badly burned puppy, that was still alive, was wrapped in a blanket and staked down beside a busy six-lane road. A […]


Loki Hates You, and ThorTV

ThorTV and Loki Hates You are a duo of California based cosplayers who are making their way across the country to meet new fans and spread their love of cosplay and the nerd community at large. Having met by chance in 2013, these two became fast friends, have been frequenting the southern California convention circuit […]