DJ Syncratic

  Bio – An average teen age DJ, Producer/Remixer who is trying to make a living on what he loves doing the most. Making crazy mixes with some of his music he personally produces on his free time. Go to his website to listen to some of his stuff.


Back to Earth Creations: Yvonne Williams

   Back to Earth Creations is a multi-faceted company specializing in artisan education, unique handmade jewelry, costumes, and YouTube tutorials. They host a variety of panels and hands-on workshops to encourage skill and craftsmanship in the cosplay and artist community.


Josh Mason

Joshua Daniel Mason is a young independent film maker from Tennessee. He is the owner of Mason Studios and it’s subsidiary effects company, Masonite Effects. He has directed several Indie films, YouTube shorts, music videos, and commercials but is most well known for directing the “No More Sorrow” series of action films as well as […]