Stephen Guenther

Ali Diggs —  September 30, 2016

Stephen Guenther has been interested in the paranormal for as long as he can remember. He has investigated with groups in Tennessee, California and Louisiana. Stephen is currently co-founder, lead investigator and event manager of MidSouth Paranormal Society, a Memphis paranormal investigation group and regional TAPS Family affiliate. He is host of the Historical Haunts Radio Show featured LIVE on the award winning online station Stephen is also the tour manager and co-owner of Historical Haunts, a tour company based in Memphis, TN.
His travels have taken him across the country and internationally including trips to sacred and historic sites such as Stonehenge, Newgrange and Chichen Itza. Stephen brings his unique blend of humor and insight into investigations, ghost tours, convention panels and events as his interest in EVP’s and other spirit communication is well balanced with scientific skepticism. He has performed in several past charity musical comedy productions for CHOC and can often be scene leading seminars and training in the construction industry