Cosplay Contest

Join us in the beautiful Guest House Theater, on Saturday night, November 17th for our annual Cosplay Contest!



*All competing Cosplayers must go through Pre Judging. Prejudging hours are: Nov. 17 from 10AM-12PM, and 1PM-4PM



NOVICE – If you’re new cosplaying and crafting your own costumes in general.
JOURNEYMAN – If you’ve won a few contests or have several years of sewing or crafting experience.
MASTER – If you’ve won several major awards or are a professional in the sewing or crafting field.
EXHIBITION – If you bought or commissioned your costume, made less than 60% of your costume, or
have won an award previously for the costume you are wearing you MUST enter this category. You will
not be judged for craftsmanship and do not need to come to pre-judging. You will walk the stage during
the show only.
GROUP – If you have 2 or more people. You will be judged based on the skill level of your most skilled
KIDS – For all of our aspiring cosplayers ages 14 and under. Must be accompanied by an adult through
the whole contest.

You must have a valid MCFC badge in order to participate.

Costumes that have won Craftsmanship awards (including Group) at other conventions or past
MCFC’s are prohibited from entering as anything other than Exhibition.

Entrants that have won performance/skit based awards can still enter with those costumes.

Purchased costumes may only be entered as an Exhibition entry. Commissioned costumed may only
be entered into the craftsmanship categories if the creator is present for judging.

Contestants must have made over 60% of their costume and props to be eligible to compete
as anything other than Exhibition. Entrants in the Kids Individual category are exempt from
this rule.

Children entering in the Kids Individual category must be accompanied by an adult or guardian.

Exhibition costumes will not be eligible for craftsmanship awards.

All costumes and props must be made by at least one member of the group to qualify for
craftsmanship judging.

All judging will be done before the Contest, off-stage. The detailed criteria and weighting of scores are
completely up to the judges.

The judging is only guaranteed for the first 50 entrants signed-up at the convention. Groups count as 1
entrant and only need to fill out one form. Stand-by entrants will only be judged if time permits.
Remember we operate on a first come, first served basis.

Reference pictures aren’t required but are highly recommended. Your judges might not be familiar with
the character your portraying. If you have any progress pictures you are more than welcome to provide

Contestants will have time to walk across the stage and strike three poses for the audience at the

You must attend the judging session and Contest in the costume you’re entering.

All costumes and props must conform to MCFC’s behavior, safety, and prop weapon policies.

Costumes must be self-contained and self-sufficient. Connections to electrical outlets will not be

No nudity. No profane, political, disruptive, or religious statements during the catwalk. This includes
messages on signs or clothes.

Do not use any sort of projectile at all! Nothing may leave your person while you are on the stage.

For the safety of the contestants, no jumps, kicks, flips, or acrobatics of any kind may be performed on
staged. No flashpots, explosive devices, glitter, silly string, or similar special effects are to be used.

Entrants with large elaborate costumes may bring handlers to assist them onto, across, and off the
stage. MCFC will have staff on hand to assist as well.

MCFC, unfortunately, cannot secure or hold any personal items for contestants who take part in the
Contest. The staff recommends you leave your bags, merchandise, ID’s, keys, and wallets with a
trusted friend or family beforehand.

If any contestant becomes unruly and disrupts or interferes with the Costume Contest at any time, they
will be disqualified and asked to leave. If they continue to be disruptive, their convention badge and
membership will be revoked and security will escort them from the premises.