Tanya Vandesteeg

Ali Diggs —  September 30, 2016

Tanya Vandesteeg’s journey into the paranormal began at a young age when her family moved frequently and she soon found interest in searching out the local haunted legends. This hobby quickly turned into a serious passion as she continued to search and explore for answers to the unknown. Tanya is now an avid paranormal investigator and has over 15 years of experience throughout the states of TX, FL and TN. Her specialties are in the areas of electronic voice phenomenon (EVP), scientific debunking, research and case management. Tanya is currently co-founder, lead investigator and event manager of the paranormal investigative group MidSouth Paranormal Society and is a Memphis regional TAPS family member. She is host of the Historical Haunts Radio Show featured LIVE on the award winning online station TMVcafe.com. Tanya is also the tour manager and co-owner of Historical Haunts, a tour company based in Memphis. TN. When not investigating and leading ghost tours you can find Tanya appearing as a paranormal/science guest at various sci-fi & fantasy based conventions.
But don’t let her night time job fool you, Tanya has an incredible love for the arts and is a trained actress, vocal performer, stunt chick, spokes model, and aerialist. She has made her career working shows throughout FL & CA for companies such as Disney World, Universal Studios, and Sea World. Tanya was the host of the ecological tourism show Eco Weekends, did voice over work for ESPN Radio and has appeared on numerous TV shows including a featured spot on Syfy’s Ghost Hunters. You can find Tanya starring in local Indie films: The Coming Darkness (A Star Wars fan film), Curse of The Rougarou and No More Sorrow 3: Whispers in the Dark and is currently working on several film & television projects.