Mandy Murphey. Odd Magnolia

Whimsical Macbre with a Hint of Lime The Odd Magnolia is the brainchild of aritist Mandy Murphey. The inspiration for the name “The Odd Magnolia”comes from the fact that Mandy is not originally from Mississippi. She moved here from Ogden, UT in 2008 to the small hamlet of Chunky. To say that she “stands out” […]


Rick Johnson

Rick Johnson is a cartoonist/illustrator originally from Portsmouth, VA now living in Tuscaloosa, AL. Working in pencil and ink with digital color, his subject matter ranges from classic horror films to cosplayers….pretty much anything strange enough to catch his eye. From his company Phat Daddy Studios, Rick produces comic books, prints, key drawings for animation, […]